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Mechanical Process Engineer (2 people)

Male or female, aged 22-40, with a full-time bachelor's degree or above. Responsible for new product research and development, setting product standards, assisting the sales department in expanding the market, and conducting technical lectures on the company's products. The comprehensive salary is 6000-10000 yuan/month (eligible for master's and doctoral subsidies, and talent apartments are provided for those who meet the conditions).

Mechanical Technician (2 people)

Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in Mechanical, Materials or related fields (accepting outstanding fresh students), mainly responsible for assisting the supervising engineer in drawing and organizing drawing materials, with a comprehensive salary of 4000-6000 yuan/month.

Quality Manager (1 person)

College degree or above, responsible for arranging daily work within the department and coordinating work coordination with other departments; Responsible for external inspection of customer units upon entry and socializing with them. Experience in manufacturing quality management is required, with a certain level of welding inspection knowledge, and a comprehensive salary of 8000 to 11000 yuan/month.

Regular Lathe Workers (2 people)

Journeyman, who processes the blanks, with a salary of 6000-12000 yuan/month (piece by piece).

CNC Technician (1 person)

Journeyman, 20-45 years old, unlimited education background, comprehensive salary 8000-13000 yuan/month (piecework).

Sales Representatives (2 people)

Gender unlimited, aged 22-35, with a college degree or above, responsible for collecting market information, maintaining customer relationships, and conducting sales work. Those with relevant work experience are preferred, with a comprehensive salary of 5000 to 10000 yuan/month.

Procurement Specialist (1 person)

Age 22-35 years old, with relevant work experience is preferred, accepting fresh graduates (limited to undergraduate and female students), with a comprehensive salary of 4000-5000 yuan/month.


Once hired, provide benefits such as accommodation, five insurances and one fund, housing subsidies, talent subsidies, paid annual leave, and holiday supplies.

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