Jia Han

Recruitment Process

Talent philosophy: Having both moral integrity and talent, not limited to one style, making the most of one's talents and utilizing them to the fullest extent possible

Having both virtue and talent - talent is the source of virtue; Virtue is the handsomeness of talent. 'Virtue' - possessing high basic qualities, 'talent' - the basic ability to fulfill job responsibilities. The ancients said: 'A ruler has its own shortcomings, an inch has its own strengths, there is a shortage of things, and there is a lack of intelligence.'. In selecting and appointing personnel, we do not seek to have both sides, but prioritize virtue, promote talent with virtue, and cultivate virtue with talent. By improving the quality of enterprise talents, we aim to build a talent structure that combines morality and talent.

Not limited to one standard - innovate the concept of talent, select talents without limiting them to one standard, do not prioritize seniority, and prioritize excellence. Continuously expanding talent selection channels, discovering talents in practice, cultivating talents, exercising talents, boldly using talents, vigorously cultivating innovative professional talents, continuously developing and strengthening the talent team, and adding momentum to the sustainable development of enterprises.

Make the most of one's talents - people have their own strengths and weaknesses, regardless of their size. They balance their moral and talent abilities, and have both internal and external abilities. Be knowledgeable and responsible, and make the most of one's talents. Having a wise eye for talent, enthusiastic love for talent, magnanimous use of talent, daring to raise talent, and a broad mind for talent. Deeply explore the shining points of each employee, fully utilize their strengths, maximize the integration of the company's talent resources, provide strong impetus for the sustainable development of the company, and promote the company to enter the fast lane of healthy development.

To make the most of one's abilities - to use their talents, to judge their abilities, to use their strengths, and to conceal their weaknesses. Knowing people and being good at their duties is the only way to do things. Only those who are suitable for their job and receive appropriate compensation for their position. With keen insight, discover the personality characteristics of each employee, apply talents according to their abilities, place talents in the most suitable position, apply employees' advantages to the most suitable job, make the wise in their position, the capable in their job, each in their own position, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and each to their best.

The company regards talent as the most precious resource and takes "talent first, people-oriented" as the primary focus, forming a complete talent mechanism of "valuing talent, caring for talent, developing talent, using talent, retaining talent, and improving talent". The mission is to grow together with employees and the company, striving to achieve the ultimate goal of "harmonious and win-win development". Welcome more and more ambitious people to join us with lofty ideals and pursuit of career.

Welcome to visit the website of Hubei Taihe Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. to inquire about recruitment information. We are honored to have you here and sincerely invite you to join us. To help you quickly understand the company's job application requirements, please carefully read the application instructions.

(1) Application method: 1. Apply online. 2. Send the resume to the company's recruitment email with a unified format of "name+job position". The human resources department will notify candidates who meet the requirements for interview, and email them hr@taihevalve.com .

(2) Application time: After receiving the interview notice from the company, the applicant will come to the company for an interview on the day of the interview.

(3) Application materials: Applicants must bring their ID card, education certificate, degree certificate, professional technical (skill) qualification certificate, and other relevant documents (1 copy), one inch bareheaded color photos (2 copies), and personal resume (1 copy) when participating in the interview. The resume is not refundable.

(4) Application location:

1. No. 183, Jiandong Avenue, Maoping Town, Zigui County, Yichang, Hubei Province

2. Room 1703, Building 1, Zone F, Software Park, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province